The Most Comprehensive & Effective Remedy for Jellyfish Stings.

Everything you need to treat Jellyfish Stings. Keep this convenient kit in your beach bag and be prepared in case you or someone has a run-in with a Jellyfish.


What is the best solution for jellyfish stings?

The best solution to relieve a jellyfish sting is to rinse the area in salt water, apply white vinegar, remove any stingers with tweezers, and then rub it with hydrocortisone cream.

Why is vinegar used on jellyfish stings?

Vinegar is used on jellyfish stings to stop any stingers attached to the skin and stop firing the venom that causes the pain.

Whats the best way to remove jellyfish stingers?

The best way to remove jellyfish stingers is to use tweezers to remove each one. Using a plastic card to scrape the stingers off can only embed the stingers deeper into the skin.

Why is hydrocortisone cream good for jellyfish stings?

Hydrocortisone Cream works to numb and cool the burning and pain from a Jellyfish Sting.

What is the best product for Jellyfish Stings?

The Stingtings™ Jellyfish Sting Relief Kit provides the best solution for Jellyfish Stings. The kit contains Vinegar, Hydrocortisone Cream, Plastic Tweezers, and helpful step-by-step instructions on best treating the sting.

How many stings will the kit treat?

The kit has the ability to treat 10 – 20 stings depending on the size of the area.

How can I refill the Sting Solution Spray?

The Sting Solution spray is made of 100% Organic Vinegar. Simply fill the container with any type of white distilled vinegar to refill.

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