How We Work

Our Simple Process

We are your dedicated team of professionals
responsible for keeping your website updated and secure.

Read below to see our process from start to ongoing.


Initial Site Review

(Month 1)

Create the first backup point. This is the first of many weekly backups safely stored in a separate secure place away from your hosting.
Review the WordPress Admin and Hosting Set-up. Determine the health of the current site and address any issues that will keep us from performing any updates*.
Perform the first updates to the plugins and WordPress core!


Ongoing Updates, Support, & Content Updates

Updates to your plugins and core versions of WordPress continue.
General consultations and suggested improvements.
Continue to create backups of your site to protect against loss or damage.
Handle all update tickets. We will work continuously on any required content updates or site changes**.

*The first month’s evaluation includes a 3-hour site review that includes fixes that might be required to allow for a proper update to the website. Every self-hosted WordPress installation is different. There are circumstances where a website may require more than the initial 3-hour review to fix issues related to the update and operation of the website. The overage will be estimated and provided to allow for the update and continuation of the subscription. The initial first-month fee is non-refundable as it is considered an evaluation period of your website. You may cancel your subscription anytime and will not be charged for the following month.

**Each month includes 1 hour of site content updates. If the scope of the changes is more than the hour, we will submit an estimate and bill separately for these content changes.

Monthly Maintenance Cost

$235 per month no long-term contracts

This monthly fee covers your website and is a guarantee it will always function and never be lost. You get a dedicated team that will work with your business long-term to update and consult.